Croft and City is a food project created by Janet Mackechnie, originally from the Isle of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, and now based in London.

Tiree is made up of crofts, small agricultural landholdings unique to the highlands and islands of Scotland, and has been an active crofting community for centuries. Janet’s family have been crofters on the island for generations, but she took a different path in life, eventually leading to a career in marketing in London.

A food obsessive from an early age, 12 precisely, when vegetarianism led to experiments in the kitchen, Janet has always sought out opportunities to cook and be around good food. But it was moving to London in 2006 that saw that passion take off: awed by the city’s farmers markets and daring new restaurants her eyes were opened to different cooking styles and approaches.

After honing her skills at cooking courses, and through stints at some of London’s most exciting pop ups, she saw that food and cooking could be a means to bring together all that she loved about growing up and cooking on Tiree with all that she had come to experience in London. And so Croft and City was born.

Launched in late 2016, Croft and City focuses on intimate supper clubs, events and collaborations which celebrate ingredients and recipes from Tiree and the Hebrides, but is also heavily influenced by European and international cuisines.

At the core of Croft and City’s approach is cooking that follows the natural rhythms of the seasons - just like crofting life does back on Tiree – and the joy of simple, delicious food. 

We like nothing more than working with people who share our values and passions. If you’d like to team up with Croft and City please drop us a note via email

We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

For updates on new recipes, Tiree and (occasionally) horses follow Janet on Instagram @JanetJam

Upcoming Croft and City Events


Winter supper club

Saturday 1st December, Hackney, London

An amazing time of year to cook. Short, dark days belied by an astonishing abundance of fantastic ingredients; with so many shellfish, vegetables and hard fruits at their best at this time of year. Guests can expect a hearty menu which celebrates all this beautiful produce, and the chance to sample a few pan-seasonal elements from our recent sold out Tiree event. Served in an intimate East London setting, with an open fire and a warm welcome.

More info and tickets coming soon.